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Learning Zone
Learning Zone

Task no. 21 Reading & Use of English

Multiple Choice Cloze
Select correct answer in each gap.

She has decided to take up a new hobby.

Louis made a basic error in his maths homework and it cost him five marks.

Open Cloze
Write the correct word in each gap. Use only one word in each gap.

It was the sale of my first car that gave me enough money to go travelling for the first time

You were driving at more than eighty miles an | per hour and that is very dangerous in these weather conditions.

Word Formation
Use the word on the right to form a word that fits in the gap.

I was the only competitor(COMPETE) to finish both parts of the race, so obviously I was declared the winner(WIN).

I’ve been working on a solution(SOLVE) to this problem for months. I think I’ll just have to accept it can’t be fixed.

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