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Learning Zone
Learning Zone

Task no. 29 Reading & Use of English

Multiple Choice Cloze
Select correct answer in each gap.

Although you won’t appreciate it yet, you’ll be happy that you stopped smoking when your health improves.

Ali’s phone is down, so Robert hasn’t been able to make contact with him.

Open Cloze
Write the correct word in each gap. Use only one word in each gap.

As we approached the border, my father told me to offer the policeman an egg from our picnic basket.

After arriving at the airport, come out of the main doors and you will see a pedestrian walkway above you. I will meet you there.

Word Formation
Use the word on the right to form a word that fits in the gap.

As the best man, he had to make a speech(SPEAK) at the wedding.

He gave me some good advice(ADVISE) on where to go shopping

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