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Learning Zone
Learning Zone

Task no. 31 Reading & Use of English

Multiple Choice Cloze
Select correct answer in each gap.

There’s a lot to consider when you’re thinking about what career to go in for.

‘I promise I’ll keep in touch!’ said Tereza when she moved away from our town.

Open Cloze
Write the correct word in each gap. Use only one word in each gap.

I need to learn how to knit by tomorrow. Help me, please!

He said he couldn’t come to the meeting because of a previous engagement but I think he is just making excuses.

Word Formation
Use the word on the right to form a word that fits in the gap.

Look at the way it stands up to make itself look bigger when it hears a noise. That is a characteristic(CHARACTER) of that species.

This is a security protocol, so I am powerless(POWER) to help you in this matter.

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