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Learning Zone
Learning Zone

Task no. 33 Reading & Use of English

Multiple Choice Cloze
Select correct answer in each gap.

I stayed at work all day and yet got very little done.

That’s the first good idea you’ve had since breakfast. Well done!

Open Cloze
Write the correct word in each gap. Use only one word in each gap.

My husband’s wage alone isn’t enough for us to get by, so I work part-time in a local store.

I knew there were rabbits in the park, but I’ve never seen thatmany of them here before.

Word Formation
Use the word on the right to form a word that fits in the gap.

My next guest is a household(HOUSE) name now but had to work for many years to become so well known.

I can tell from your expression(EXPRESS) that you’re not really happy.

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