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Learning Zone
Learning Zone

Task no. 16 Reading & Use of English

Multiple Choice Cloze
Select correct answer in each gap.

Harry thought about betting $200 on a horse called Lucky Harry in the year’s biggest horse race but lost his nerve at the last moment. Fortunately, it fell at the first hurdle!

He takes great pleasure in books, theatre, and music.

Open Cloze
Write the correct word in each gap. Use only one word in each gap.

This belief naturally led him to the conclusion.

Zynga shares are reeling from the negativity, hitting a fresh low Thursday and down some 70 percent since it’s December IPO.

Word Formation
Use the word on the right to form a word that fits in the gap.

What possibilities of entertainment(ENTERTAIN) would you recommend in your town?

The descent(DESCEND) down that steep slope is quite exhausting.

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