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50 Word Formation Ex. & Test | C2 Proficient (CPE)

Level: C2
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50 Word Formation Exercises: CPE
C2 Proficient (CPE) Use of English: Part 3
C2 Proficient (CPE) Use of English: Part 3 Example Test

C2 Proficient (CPE) Use of English: Part 3  question type here is called word-formation.

For each gap you get one word in capitals which you have to change so the grammar and meaning fit in the sentence. Here you have to show how well you know word families and if you can change words by using prefixes and suffixes

50 Word Formation Exercises: CPE

That country has an equatorial climate which allows for lush vegetation. EQUATOR

His ostentatious concern for the poor is disgusting – he’s just a hypocrite. OSTENTATION

That pass enabled him to get inside the headquarters. ABLE

1 am deeply indebted to you for your support and encouragement. DEBT

I guess the annual mileag of your car is high if you travel so much. MILE

Our new neighbours are very inquisitive . INQUISITION

The little boy bathed his feet in the stream. BATH

That country used to be a dictatorship, but now it is a republic. DICTATE

He has a very expressive face with deep-set penetrating eyes. EXPRESS

Nobody can be convicted of a crime on circumstantial evidence alone. CIRCUMSTANCE

At last our plans came to fruition after months of hard work. FRUIT

The noise above was scarcely tolerable and he left home. TOLERATE

It has been discovered that there was an Iron Age settlement in this area. SETTLE

antisocial behaviour is to be put down to lack of education as well. SOCIAL

The government promised to subsidize the public transport next year. SUBSIDY

She is not exactly innumerate, but she is not very good at counting. NUMERATE

That school was known for its discipline and severity. SEVERE

We were shocked by the extensive damage. EXTEND

A few remnants of furniture and household goods were given away. REMAIN

She is such a charming old lady always ready to soothe someone. CHARM

All organic compounds contain carbon. ORGAN

We can admire century-old pottery in this museum. POTTER

The waitress brought the glasses of gassy lager. GAS

You will have to read the explanatory notes, too. EXPLAIN

She’s very choosy about who she goes out with. CHOOSE

The two kittens are so playful and the kids adore them. PLAY

Hotel work is often seasonal especially in seaside resorts. SEASON

We know him to be a man of great attainments . ATTAIN

Seeing that the wind was blowing strongly, the sailor tightened the ropes. TIGHT

My uncle left the army and became a civilian again. CIVIL

We agreed that the problem was rather ticklish . TICKLE

Her untimely death at twenty-seven grieved everybody who had known her. TIME

I think he is wasting time on irrelevancies . IRRELEVANT

Grandma still cooks dishes full of fragrance and flavour. FRAGRANT

Our children are at a rebellious age we have to cope with, REBEL

Hydrogen is an explosive gas which makes it so hazardous. EXPLODE

I understand the operator has given me a wrong number. OPERATE

These new claims were a shock throughout christendom . CHRISTEN

Years ago, the exploitation of children in factories was very common. EXPLOIT

Steinbeck’s portrayal of life in small town America IS very realistic. PORTRAY

His witty retorts enliven the otherwise dull atmosphere. LIVE

At the end of her telephone conversation, she put down the receiver . RECEIVE

The fascination of Greece and Egypt are timeless . TIME

The oppressive heat was almost unbearable last summer. OPPRESS

She emphatically insisted that we tell our opinion on the matter. EMPHASIS

She was praised for her emphatically behaviour. REPROACH

They exchanged irritant before approaching the problem. PLEASANT

Such irritant substances are harmful especially to the eyes. IRRITATE

Last week we listened to her wonderful piano recital . RECITE

How did this house come into your family’s possession  POSSESS

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C2 Proficient (CPE) Use of English: Part 3


  1. Read the whole text for gist before you attempt the task.
  2. Look at each gap carefully and decide what part of speech is missing — noun, verb, adjective, or adverb.
  3. If the gapped word is a noun, should it be singular or plural? If it is a verb, what tense or form should it be?
  4. You may need to add one or more prefixes and/or suffixes to the word in capitals, and you may also need to make internal changes. Also, look out for compound words.
  5. Once you have completed the task, read through the text again to make sure it makes sense.
  6. Check your spelling: marks are not awarded for misspelt words.


C2 Proficient (CPE) Use of English: Part 3 Example Test

Extract from a book about meetings

We are assured by the experts that we are, as a species, designed for face-to-face communication. But does that really mean having every meeting in person? Ask the bleary-eyed sales team this question as they struggle laboriouslyLABOUR through their weekly teambuilding session and that answer is unlikely to be in the affirmativeAFFIRM. Unless you work for a very small business or have an exceptionallyEXCEPT high boredom threshold, you doubtless spend more time sitting in meetings than you want to. Of course, you could always follow business guru Archie Norman’s example. He liked to express solidaritySOLID with customers queuing at the checkout by holding management meetings standing up.

Is email a realistic alternativeALTERNATE ? It’s certainly a powerful tool for disseminating information, but as a meeting substitute, it’s seriously flawed. Words alone can cause trouble. We’re all full of insecurity|insecuritiesSECURE that can be unintentionally triggered by others and people are capable of reading anything they like into an email. There is also a tendencyTEND for email to be used by people who wish to avoid ‘real’ encounters because they don’t want to be confrontedFRONT with any awkwardness.

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