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15 Example Article Topics (Writing) (pdf) | B2 First (FCE)

Level: B2
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B2 First (FCE) Article: Writing Topics
B2 First (FCE) Article: Writing Topics (PDF)

The goal of an article is usually to talk about a topic you like or in which you are an expert. Also, your article should aim to keep the reader engaged and, in some cases, recommend whatever it is you are talking about.

Articles are usually expected to be less formal than essays. Because they are intended to entertain, you can use more relaxed language, using contractions, phrasal verbs and more informal words. Also, it is common to use rhetorical questions and exclamation marks to keep the reader engaged or to make a point. You should address the reader directly and you can use humour where you think it’s appropriate.

How to write B2 First (FCE) article?

B2 First (FCE) Article: Writing Topics

You have just seen the following advertisement:


  •  What is your favourite programme on TV?
  •  Why do you like it?

We are looking for short articles answering these questions and we will publish some of the best articles next month.

Write your article.

You have seen this in an international students’ magazine:


We want you to tell us about your ideal house.

Where would it be? What would it be like? What amenities would it have?

The winning article will be published in the next edition of our magazine.

Write your article.

You have been asked by the editor of your school’s English language magazine to write an article about some typical food and drink from your country. Are there any typical dishes that you would recommend to a foreign visitor?

Write your article.

A magazin efor young people called Pastimeshas asked you to write about your favourite hobby. Write an article, describing your hobby and explaining why you would recommend it to other readers.

Write your article.

You have received this invitation from a magazine called Animal Lifle.

We have heard you know a lot about animals. Could you write an article for us explaining to our readers which animals make good pets and how to look after them?

Write your article.

An international magazine has asked you to write an article describing your home town and saying what attractions it has for young visitors.

Write your article.

You see this announcement in an international magazine for young people learning English.

Take my advice …

Write an article telling other students the things that have worked for you in learning English.
You should describe any method, books or people who have helped you and explain how these could help other students.

Write your article.

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A small town in your country is hoping to attract foreign tourists. You have been asked to write an article for an international travel magazine describing the town briefly and explaining what tourists can see and do there.

Write your article.

An Internet magazine has a page where people can recommend books they have read to others. Write an article for the magazine saying what you liked and disliked about the book you have read and what type of people you think might enjoy it.

Write your article.

You have seenthis announcement in an international magazine for young people.

Have you read a good book lately?

We’re offering a prize of $200 for the best article recommending a good book to our readers.

Write your article.

You have seen this announcement in an international student magazine.

My favourite city

We’re looking for contributors to tell us about their favourite city and tell us about why they like it.

We will publish the best articles in our next issue.

Write your article.

You have seen this announcement on an international student website:

My favourite free time activity

What do you like to do when you’re not studying? What is your favourite hobby, why do you enjoy it so much and what does it involve? How did you begin and how much time do you spend doing it?

We’ll publish the best articles on the website next month.

Write your article.

You see this advertisement in a magazine.

Articles Wanted! What makes a good ending to a book?

What kind of ending do you prefer: a happy ending or something more genuine? Tell us what you think.
Write your article about the end of one of the books and say how you feel about it.

Write your article.

Your school magazine has asked you to suggest how television, especially for young people, could be improved in your country. Write an article for the magazine, making your suggestions.

Write your article.

An English language magazine has invited its readers to write an article about what their lives would be like without computers. 

Write your article.

B2 First (FCE) Article: Writing Topics (PDF)

Download B2 First (FCE) Article: Topics (PDF)

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