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Top 7 Books to Study | B2 First (FCE)

Level: B2
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Language Practice for First
Common Mistakes at First Certificate... and how to avoid them
Timesaver for Exams: Writing for First (FCE)
GOLD B2 First New Edition
Grammar and Vocabulary for First and First for Schools
Practice Test Plus B2 First 1
Improve your Skills for First. Reading Skills

The B2 First language exam, formerly known as FCE, confirms the knowledge of the English language at a higher intermediate level. If you want to take the B2 First exam or you pass your secondary school-leaving examination at an advanced level, you will find the right materials here.

Check out our list and choose a book for you, thanks to which you will develop appropriate language skills.

Language Practice for First

An absolute must-have for people preparing for the B2 First (formerly FCE) exam. The fifth edition by Michael Vince is still hot!

The book clearly presents grammar issues, i.e. exercises preceded by theory. Step by step, we go through a variety of exercises – from underlining the appropriate verb form, to filling in gaps, to complex sentence transformations. After every four chapters, there is a short summary of the material processed.

This item covers not only grammar but also lexical matters. More than twenty chapters are devoted to vocabulary that will be useful to each of us in any situation. The thematic division of the word resource helps you go through the exercises for word formation, transformation or choosing the most appropriate word in a sentence.

An additional code with online access to grammar and vocabulary exercises is included with each book – a few steps and the database of tasks is even larger.

Language Practice for First 5th Edition Student’s Book


Common Mistakes at First Certificate… and how to avoid them

A series of thin but concise booklets for candidates preparing for language exams at various levels of advancement. They draw attention to grammatical and lexical issues, which are the most common sources of linguistic errors, e.g. entering times and dates at the KET level, the difference between effect, influence and impact at the IELTS Advanced level, say and tell for FCE, opportunity, possibility and chance on CAE level, common, ordinary and usual for Proficiency, verb form after allow, advise, make and suggest for IELTS Intermediate.

Each of the thirty problems in each booklet is devoted to one page – one microscopic chapter. The issues are introduced in sets consisting of two pairs of sentences. Our task is to select the correct forms. The use of the linguistic elements in question is then explained with easy-to-understand examples. Then we correct the mistake in the inscription for the drawing illustrating the key issue, and finally complete the sentences in the last exercise.

After the next three chapters, we solve two-page tests, in which the tasks are often in the form of an examination. These are not only typical grammar and vocabulary exercises, but also texts, charts and tables.

Common Mistakes at First Certificate… and how to avoid them

Timesaver for Exams: Writing for First (FCE)

Timesaver for Exams is a new series from Mary Glasgow Scholastic, aimed at teachers preparing young people for the First Exam (FCE). Each title in the Timesavers for Exams series is a collection of additional, copy-based practice materials. The series can also be used as a supplement to any B2 level coursebook.

Timesaver for Exams: Writing for First (FCE) includes 30 copy lessons dedicated to developing your writing skills such as: essay, article, report, review, e-mail, short story. The tasks help expand your vocabulary, suggest ideas for creating interesting texts, teach you to write in a consistent and logical way, with the proper use of stylistic means. Additional help is provided by tips for the student – Exam Tips. At the end of the publication, you will find two sample examination papers from the Writing section, an answer key for closed tasks and model written statements.

Timesaver for Exams: Writing for First (FCE)

GOLD B2 First New Edition

Gold is a course that has been accompanying people preparing for the international Cambridge language exams for many years. Its subsequent editions are the best confirmation of the high-quality material and its practical translation into the students’ examination successes.

Gold New Edition is the best choice for people who aim to get their dream result in language exams as well as people who are looking for a thorough development of all language skills.

Gold New Edition is a response to the expectations of teachers and the constantly changing development needs of students. The B2 First level, as in previous editions, provides students with thorough preparation for the Cambridge First language exam. The course focuses on the thorough consolidation of the grammatical and lexical structures required for the exam, the even development of all language skills and mastering the examination strategies.

GOLD B2 First New Edition

Grammar and Vocabulary for First and First for Schools

Grammar and Vocabulary for First and First for Schools is not one of the many books that you can find in grammar and vocabulary. The authors have tried to make it more interesting in form and content.

The book consists of twenty-four chapters devoted to grammar and twenty chapters that focus on vocabulary.

In each grammar section, the selected language element is presented in context in a context listening exercise. The next step is to describe the grammar. After reading it, we do a few standard exercises, such as filling in gaps in a sentence, a selection test, connecting the beginning and end of a sentence, etc. The last part of the chapter is exam practice. , Writing).

In the vocabulary section, each of the twenty chapters focuses on one topic, such as Personality, Travel, Teenage style, University life. We can choose from various types of exercises to recall and consolidate the vocabulary. Lexical elements are also presented in exercises that require listening to short texts, thanks to which – by the way – we prepare for the part of the exam that verifies listening comprehension. In the highlighted sections, Error warning and Vocabulary note, you will find vocabulary that requires special attention, e.g. frequently confused words, phrasal verbs, etc.

Practice Test Plus B2 First 1

The Practice Tests Plus series is a must-book for teachers preparing students for international certification
and all people who want to test their skills before the actual Cambridge English Qualifications exam.

The Practice Tests Plus series includes complete sets of tests for the Cambridge English Qualifications exams: Key, Preliminary, First, Advanced and IELTS, as well as up to three levels of Young Learners exams (Starters, Movers, Flyers). For each level, there are exam guidelines, a video presenting the oral part with the examiner’s commentary, worksheets with exercises and model answers to the Writing part.

Why is it worth using the Practice Tests Plus series?

  • thoroughly acquainted with the tasks in exams,
  • presents strategies for examination and solving test tasks,
  • gets used to the structure of the exam and its course
  • increases the chances of exam success and obtaining a satisfactory result.

Improve your Skills for First. Reading Skills

A four-part preparation series for the Cambridge English: First (FCE) exam. The series is designed to develop the skills and strategies necessary for the exam. The student is guided step by step through all types of exam assignments. The series can be used both independently and in class.

  • Comprehensive skills series covering Cambridge English: First (FCE) exams
  • Scaffolded skills development for incremental learning
  • Tips on exam preparation and strategy
  • Lots of exam practice with model answers
  • Authentic test questions at the end of every unit
  • A focus on pronunciation
  • Macmillan Practice Online (MPO) allows extra online practice
  • ‘With’ and ‘Without’ Key versions


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