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Best Article Rewriter Tools For Content Marketing Startups

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Defining Article Rewriters
Rewriting Vs Paraphrasing
5 Best Article Rewriter Tools For Content Marketing Startups

Article rewriters are useful tools for content marketers. But which ones are the best today? 

Article rewriters can be beneficial in many ways. For instance, they save a ton of time redoing our content without requiring us to write a single word. For marketers, time is money, and article rewriters save a lot of it.

Today, we’re going to look at a few important things, such as the basics of an article rewriter, compare the rewriting process vs paraphrasing, and talk about the 5 best article rewriters available today. So, let’s begin. 

Defining Article Rewriters

Article rewriters are computer programs that can take an article and rewrite it in a different style. They are used by people who want to reuse their content on different platforms or for SEO purposes. However, these rewriters are primarily used now in the shape of online tools.

Depending on the developer, an online tool might be based on AI algorithms. However, that’s not exactly necessary, as some online article rewriters use older technology. The purpose of an article rewriter is to commence the writing process from the beginning.

So, compared to other forms of repurposing content, an article rewriter can:

  • Improve the overall quality of the text;
  • Achieve the content objective better than the original text;
  • Fix grammatical issues, word accents, add hyphens, etc.;
  • Rewrite into the desired content tone.

These are some of the alluring factors of an article rewriter. Not only does it provide a quick means to rewrite, but also an affordable one. That’s one of the main reasons the popularity of article rewriters has increased in recent years.

As they make it easier to create content while still maintaining an original tone and voice, they’re preferred by many marketers and businesses around the globe. On top of that, article rewriters can be very useful for people who want to reuse their content on different platforms.

However, it’s important to use these tools responsibly. For instance, if the rewriter redoes most of your content, it’ll also rewrite keywords, phrases, brand names, etc. So, it’s important to take care of that after the rewriter has finished rephrasing your content. 

Rewriting Vs Paraphrasing

In most cases, rewriting and paraphrasing are two sides of the same coin. However, rewriting is extensive, whereas paraphrasing is partial. Here’s an example:

Original Sentence:

“The quality of your blog content should never wane, and you need to keep up with the market.”

Paraphrased Sentence:

“The blog content’s quality shouldn’t diminish, and you should always stay up to date with the market.”

Rewritten Sentence:

“In order to keep up with the market, It’s important that you never let the quality of your content fade.”

As you can see, the paraphrased content was basically the same, with a few changes. Whereas the rewritten sentence did it all over—rewriting it from the roots.

5 Best Article Rewriter Tools For Content Marketing Startups

This section explores the five best article rewriters you can find today, including what makes them great. So, let’s get started.

  • is a renowned name in the game, as this article rewriter is used by many people around the globe. This includes writers in academies, so students, professional academic writers, etc. Mainly because of its quick and outstanding rewriting of articles. 

Then, it’s also used extensively by SEO writers and marketers, as it can repurpose and redo the articles for posting on other platforms. Besides that, it offers a great many options, such as:

  • Offers an extensive 1000-word limit;
  • Three outstanding content modes;
  • Other options like plagiarism checking, grammar correcting and summarizing;
  • Supports 10 languages.

These factors make it a great tool for those looking to repurpose their content. So, you can rewrite 1000-word articles with it, but you can also reuse them in other languages for better outreach. This alone is reason enough for any content marketing beginner to employ it as their primary rewriter. 

  • SEOToolStation’s Article Rewriter

SEOToolStation’s article rewriter is another great option for those looking to save time. While the tool might not be feature-rich or the best looking in terms of UI, it’s an outstanding rewriter that does the job efficiently. 

It sports only a single option to submit your content after posting it. Then, it barely takes around 20-30 seconds to rewrite your article. So, the simplicity and ease of this tool are two of the most important features that it has to offer. 

  • is a newer name, but it gets the job done all the same. The tool offers nothing unique or new, but it offers a reliable ability to rewrite your articles. Which is more than enough, considering it’s yet another free tool. 

The number you might see in the image is a captcha check, activated when you enter your content. After using the code, the rewriter begins working on your content and presents the output within a few seconds. This tool’s ease of usage and simplicity puts it on 3rd in our list. 

  •’s Article Rewriter

SuperSEOTools is yet another newer name and does get the job done quickly. The tool is barren of any features or options. But what it does have is a dependable skill to rewrite articles. The word limit is around 1000-words, which is more than enough for most. 

On top of that, the tool doesn’t seem to have any day-based limits. So, you can use it as many times as you like within a day. 

  •’s Article Rewriter  

Plagiarisma’s article rewriter is the final tool on our list and something you should look forward to. The website is dedicated to finding and removing plagiarism, so you can guess the tool’s focus is also on that. 

That’s something it achieves quite conveniently, as it’s the second tool on our list after the first one that offers a few additional options. This includes allowing you to rewrite content in various percentages. 

Besides that, it offers manual and auto modes. So, if you want, you can try the manual mode and change only the specific sections that you want to. 


These are some of the best tools for content marketers and startups today. All of these article rewriters are more than capable of rewriting entire articles. So, the ones that suit your need the most should be your priority. However, we suggest trying the first one, as it’s the most feature-rich. 

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