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How to self prepare for the exam? | C1 Advanced (CAE)

Level: C1
How to self prepare for the exam? | C1 Advanced (CAE)

CAE exams are intended for those who want to have a certificate to prove high level of their language skills. They allow you to test yourself in every area of a language – from vocabulary and grammar rules, to reading and writing, all the way to listening comprehension and talking. What is more, the CAE certificate is recognized by more than 3 thousand organizations from all over the world, including employers, government institutions and universities.

It’s a good idea to start preparing for CAE exams adequately earlier. When learning on our own, however, it is better to keep several tips in mind that may help us get our coveted certificate.

Adequate materials

When preparing for CAE exams, we should above all get ourselves some learning aids for our corresponding level. A good choice will be textbooks with exercises that make it possible to put the knowledge into practice, as well as different kinds of audio recordings. They allow us to easily improve our listening comprehension, which is one of the skills tested.

Knowledge of the exam’s structure

Before taking certification exams, such as CAE Exams, it’s a good idea to check out the questions from previous years and solve them as part of the preparations. During the exam itself, it will allow you to avoid getting surprised by the type of questions and to learn the structure of the exam beforehand.

A test taker that knows how different parts of the exam are arranged can effectively utilize the heavily limited time. On top of that, knowing what to expects allows to reduce stress to a certain degree.

Working against the clock

The time for different parts of a CAE exam is limited and differs depending on the problem. There’s an hour and a half for a vocabulary & grammar test combined with a reading comprehension test, and the same for writing, whereas for the listening part – 40 minutes.

When taking practice exams, it’s a good idea to take this aspect into account, which will allow us to get used to the time pressure and learn effective time management.

Constant contact with the language

As everyone knows, nothing helps learn a language quite as well as being systematic and practicing. When learning English, it’s a good idea to choose solutions that allow us to have constant contact with the language. For that purpose, we can utilize different kinds of mobile apps intended for developing language skills.

On top of that, positive results can also be achieved by watching movies in the original language, reading English texts, or even switching the phone’s language to English.

Studying plan

Being systematic is one of the keys to success when learning languages.

When preparing for a CAE exam, it’s a good idea to plan different stages of studying in a way that allows for regular revisions to memorize the material as best as possible.

On top of that, defining goals for a specific time period may be beneficial for the entire learning process. It allows for simple monitoring of the results of studying, and in the long run – it will motivate us to take further actions.

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