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How to write a report? | C1 Advanced (CAE)

Level: C1
How to write a report? | C1 Advanced (CAE)
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How to write a CAE report?
CAE Report: Structure
CAE Report: Examples
CAE Report: Marks scheme
CAE Report: Useful phrases
C1 Advanced (CAE)
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A lot depends on the students and their preparation beforehand.  Still, reading and listening (is a piece of cake compared to language production, which is speech and writing.

C1 Advanced (CAE) is a practical exam. Writing forms required from the candidates will be useful to them later in their private and professional lives. Therefore, it is worthwhile to devote more attention to writing skills before your exam day.

Let’s look at what the written part of the exam consists of:

CAE Writing: The First Part

In this part, candidates are required to write an essay, between 220 and 260 words, based on two points given in the input text. They will be asked to explain which of the two points is more important and to provide reasons for their opinion.  There is a word limit of between 220–260 words

CAE Writing: The Second Part

Candidates have a choice of task. The tasks provide candidates with a clear context, topic, purpose and target reader for their writing. The output text types are letter/email, proposal, report, review. There also is a word limit of between 220–260 words.

How to write a CAE report?

The recipient of a report can be your (imaginary) boss, professional group, administration, your peers or coworkers.

The target of a report is to summarize the info and to create a recommendation.

1. Focus on the target of the report first.
You can rewrite the info from the topic of the report in your own words (see the first paragraph of the example report below).

2. Then you can focus specifically on the tasks in the topic:
– If the topic says “explain”, you need to explain (not just provide examples).
– If the topic says “explain and provide examples”, you need to remember about both objectives.

 3. End your report with a recommendation, according to the given topic.

CAE Report: Structure

The purpose of this report is to….
Subheading (2)
Give the relevant facts
Subheading (3)
Give the relevant facts
Subheading (4)
Give the relevant facts
Make your recommendations

A report is a formal paper, it has to be concise, well-organized, which makes it permissible and recommended to use bullet points and headings so that the reader can quickly find the information they are looking for in your text.

That’s why, when writing it, you should imagine not writing it to an anonymous examiner on the other end of the continent, but one of the people mentioned in the topic instead.

CAE Report: Examples


You have been helping to run a new music club at your college. Now the college principal wants to get more people involved with the club and attract new members. The club organiser has asked you to write a report for the principal outlining what the club currently does, explaining the club’s future plans and suggesting ways of getting more people involved with the music club.

Student’s CAE Report Answer:

RockSun – present situation, future plans and improvement suggestions The objective of this report is to outline the current condition of the RockSun music club, shed some light on the club’s plans in the near future, and propose novel ways of attracting new visitors.

Present situation

At present, the activities that the club organises are twofold:

  1. gigs of indie bands at least once a week at weekends;
  2. musical instrument courses for wannabe musicians on weekdays.

Regrettably, he club does not enjoy much popularity among students, despite it being located in the heart of the campus near the dorms. This is, firstly, due to the prices at the club which are on the expensive side and, secondly, the fact that performers visiting the club are chiefly little-known artists. Both factors greatly discourage many potential customers.


The future of the club looks bleak and some corrective actions are required. The club management, aware of the gravity of the situation, is planning to expand its operations to attract new visitors. In the first place, additional musical courses, including singing lessons by reputable teachers, are planned. Additionally, the club intends to attract better known artists for the weekend concerts.

Suggestions to attract more visitors

The actions planned, which are certainly a step in the right direction, may not be sufficient. What could attract more visitors is reducing food and drink prices as it is one of the most important factors on which any club’s popularity is based. Furthermore, weekly musical quizzes with prizes might appeal to the club’s target customers.


You have recently attended a week’s training course and on your return you receive the following note from your boss:

Hope you enjoyed the training modules. We’re compiling a report to help us evaluate our Staff Development programme. Please send me an outline of what you did on the course, which modules were the most useful and your opinion of how colleagues would benefit from attending in the future. Thanks.

Student’s CAE Report Answer:

Report on the Staff Development Programme – a description of the training course carried out to improve the performance of our staff at work.

Organisation of the training modules

I have recently attended the training course organised by the company in order to workers get more information and develop some skills required in this activity.

I have to say that the information given in the course is hugely useful, but it should be scheduled in other date. At this moment, everybody is really busy and workers find it difficult to set aside time to not miss the course.

There is no point arguing that the sessions are too long and dense, what makes even harder to get the most of the training.

Alternative course

I would recommend to divide the content is several shorter sessions according to the main topics to deal with.

Perhaps, not everybody needs to receive the whole information. So, there can be some specific sessions to people involved in that area, whereas who is not working on that subject would only receive a short session just to get some knowledge.


I would like to make the following recommendations:

1.Schedule the training course in a less busy time.

2.Divide the sessions into shorter modules to ease people to attend.

3.Ensure the content is targeted to the people who are meant to attend them. 

If these recommendations are implemented, the training programme will be much more successful.

CAE Report: Marks scheme


It is necessary to properly and precisely use a wide array of words and expressions, including rarely used ones. The text should include both simple and complex grammar expressions.

The vocabulary also has to be rich and diverse.


It is necessary to maintain the convention of a report or essay in English, such as clear division into paragraphs, headings, bullet points.

The text should be easy to understand for the target reader.


The text should be consistent and very well organized using a wide array of copulas and internal references.


Every sentence in the text should refer to the topic of the assignment, and all the tasks specified in it should be fulfilled.

CAE Report: Useful phrases

We will finish it with some useful vocabulary mostly used to organize information. Although it is taking a shortcut, if you learn several expressions for each paragraph in each type of text that could be on your exam, you will certainly be able to create a very consistent and well-organized text.

Introduction (the goal of the report)

The objective of this report is to compare ….. and …..
The purpose of this report is to examine / evaluate / explain / describe / analyse / present / outline…
This report aims to…
It is based on a survey conducted among…
It is the result of a discussion which took place among…


The first observation to make concerns…
First of all,…

In fact,…
It has to been stressed that…
According to (the majority of respondents)…
In spite of (the fact that)…
Despite (the fact that)…
The outlook for …… is (far from) bright/optimistic/depressing/daunting
The future looks bleak/remains uncertain/is promising
This seems unlikely in the near/foreseeable future


I would strongly recommend that…
The following measures should be implemented:
In the light of the results of the survey I would advise against…
Given the results of the survey, I would advise for…
I feel it would be to our advantage if…
The best solution would be to…
In order to improve …… it is necessary to..
This will have an impact on NOUN


Provided that these recommendations are taken into consideration,…
In conclusion,…
From the research one can conclude that…

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