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Is it Legal to Use Paraphraser for Academic Writing?

Academic writings are highly critical to jot down as different standards must be met. There’s a big difference between a non-academic assignment or article and an academic paper.

Usually, assignments or articles are written without considering protocols and standards. However, in academic writing, you need to pay attention to all aspects, such as quality, format, precision, persuasive ideas, grammar and punctuation, references and citations, and so on.

Also, paraphrasing, which is allowed in normal texts, isn’t applied and used in the same way in academic texts. However, paraphrasing has a special place in academic writings.

Nowadays, when the trend is to do everything online, you can also find online paraphrasing alternatives. With an online paraphrasing tool, you can paraphrase any content or academic text with a single click.

In the following article, we’ll discuss whether it’s legal to use sentence rephraser in your academic writings?

But first, let’s learn what paraphrasing and paraphrasers are.

What is Paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing, as the name implies, is the rephrasing or rearranging of a statement that’s already been written. Simply put, paraphrasing is a writing technique in which you explain another person’s ideas or thoughts in your own words.

In paraphrasing, you take someone else’s “ideas” and completely restate them (by changing synonyms and sentence structure) to avoid plagiarism.

As far as protocols and infringements are concerned, paraphrasing is allowed and it’s absolutely legal for writers to paraphrase. The main purpose of paraphrasing is to evade plagiarism from your writing.

In order to paraphrase accurately, it’s necessary to fully comprehend the main idea of the original content, because paraphrasing involves copying the main idea of the writing and reproducing it in completely new words and sentences.

Online Paraphraser

The paraphrasing tool or simply Sentence Rephraser is an online tool that rewrites a text to remove plagiarism. The paraphrasing tool facilitates the paraphrasing process and creates absolutely unique content.

Instead of manual paraphrasing that takes your precious time, the online rephraser works in less than a minute. The paraphrasing tool equipped with AI technology doesn’t allow your content to be structurally, grammatically or orthographically incorrect.


Since its algorithms contain all the necessary grammar and punctuation rules and an extensive thesaurus, the content created with Paraphraser is easy to understand and error-free.

As mentioned earlier, paraphrasing isn’t forbidden in the writing world, but is highly supported to create unique content. Using the sentence rephraser for the purpose of paraphrasing is absolutely legal.

It’s not considered illegal to use an online paraphrasing tool, as the generated sentence has a completely new structure and contains unique words instead.

The paraphrasing tool works according to the same rules as manual paraphrasing and doesn’t involve copying sentences or even words. Therefore, it’s quite permissible to use paraphrasers for creating unique content in the shortest possible time.

However, if the paraphrased content is too close to the original text and doesn’t meet the definition of paraphrasing, it’s a reproduction of someone else’s words, changing only the synonyms.

In other words: If the sentence structure or wording is similar to the source text, it’s considered plagiarism rather than paraphrasing. Such paraphrasing is unethical and is certainly considered illegal.

In other words: If the sentence structure or wording is similar to the source text, it’s considered plagiarism rather than paraphrasing. Such paraphrasing is unethical and is certainly considered illegal.

Paraphrasing in Academic Writing

Academics need to include previously published articles in their work to show that they’ve a deep understanding of the published material that they use to support their thoughts in innovative ways.

Every academic writer should learn to do this, even if it’s challenging, because it fosters critical thinking and competence as well as the ability to communicate oneself effectively.

This integration of already published work as a reference for one’s own words is done through effective paraphrasing. Paraphrasing is the best way to avoid plagiarism in academic articles and dissertations.

Reproducing another person’s intellectual idea by citing it as evidence for your statements is a form of paraphrasing in academic texts. With the help of an online paraphrasing tool, you’ll achieve the same goal however sources must be cited within.

The paraphrased sentences in academic papers show the new perspective of the author in relation to the original statement. However, it’s mandatory to cite the paraphrased sources to make them legal.

While it’s legal to use paraphraser for academic writing, using accurate paraphraser will increase the versatility of your writing while using inadequate tools would lead to plagiarism.

The sentences then generated are completely unique and different in context and structure from the original text. In this way, the sentence rewriter expands the frame of reference in academic writing.


In general, it’s assumed that paraphrasers are used to replace synonyms in the text or to spin the content. And for this reason the debate begins whether it’s legal to use paraphrasers. However, the paraphrasing tools are used to create completely new sentences with a different sentence structure, keeping the original meaning of the source.

When it comes to academic texts, the debate intensifies because academics follow protocols and it must be free from all types of plagiarism. Paraphrasing is a powerful tool for reproducing, condensing, or clarifying another author’s ideas in an academic text while increasing the credibility of your own statement.

Paraphrasing helps academic writing and provides a better contextual perspective. When properly cited along with sources, the use of paraphraser is legal in academic writing.

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