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List of 300 Phrasal Verbs (pdf/xls) | C2 Proficient (CPE)

Level: C2
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CPE Phrasal Verbs: A-C
CPE Phrasal Verbs: D-G
CPE Phrasal Verbs: H-R
CPE Phrasal Verbs: S-T
CPE 300 Phrasal Verbs: Download PDF
CPE 300 Phrasal Verbs: Download XLS

What are phrasal verbs?

Phrasal verbs are verbs that consist of a verb and a particle.

lookupYou can look up any new words in your dictionary.You can find the meaning of any new words in your dictionary.
getthroughI tried to phone her but I couldn’t get through. I tried to phone her but I couldn’t get a connection.
makeoutI just can’t make Jim out at all.  just can’t understand Jimh behaviour.

Particles are small words that you already know as prepositions or adverbs. Here are some of the most common phrasal verb particles: about (a)round at away back down for in into off on out over through to up.

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What do I need to know about phrasal verbs?

First you need to know the meaning of the whole phrasal verb as a unit. For example, look means to use your eyes and up means the opposite of down, but the phrasal verb look up can have several different meanings:

CPE Phrasal Verbs: A-C


act ondo whatever is advised / suggested
act upbehave awkwardly or badly
answer (sb) backspeak rudely to sb
answer backdefend oneself
answer forbe responsible for sth / pay for sth / vouch for
answer tobe under the command of sb / have the characteristics described


back downcease to oppose
back out ofwithdraw from
back upsupport
balance againstassess in relation to
bank ondepend on
be / get in with sbto be or become popular or friendly with someone, especially in order to gain an advantage
be beneath sbbe demeaning
be done forbe ruined
be down on sbbe hostile to sb
be down withbe ill (with disease)
be in for sth / ithave good reason to expect trouble or retribution
be into(informal) take an interest in sth
be kept inbe detained after normal hours as a punishment
be made upconsist
be off(1) cease to want or be interested in sth, (2) have come loose, detached from sth, (3) stay away from work / school, (4) cancel, (5) be bad, unhealthy (usu. food)
be onbe shown on television, at the cinema
be out(1) be in bloom, (2) be extinguished, (3) be removed, (4) be absent (from home or work), (5) be wrong in calculation, (6) be unfashionable
be up to sbto be the responsibility of someone
be up to sth(informal) to be doing sth, often sth bad or illegal, usually secretly
bear onbe relevant to
bear outsupport the truth of
bear withbe patient
become ofused for asking what has happened / what will happen to sb or sth, because you are worried about them
blink atshow surprise
blow overstop and be forgotten
blow upexplode
book upto make a reservation (for)
break awayescape from captivity
break down(1) fail to function, (2) lose control of feelings
break down intoseparate something into a number of parts
break in(1) interrupt, (2) enter a building by force
break intosuddenly start doing sth
break offend sth suddendly
break out(1) start suddenly (of violent events), (2) escape from a place
break through(1) make a discovery, (2) become visible, (3) achieve success despite obstacles or difficulties
break up(1) end a relationship, (2) disperse
break with sthto intentionally not continue doing something that is normal, expected, or traditional; give up a practice
bring aboutcause
bring inintroduce (law / idea)
bring offsucceed in sth difficult
bring oncause an illness
bring outpublish / release
bring round / tocause sb to regaing consciousness
bring up(1) stop, (2) mention a subject, (3) vomit, (4) raise a child
brush upimprove (by study)
build upacquire gradually / accumulate


call atvisit briefly
call backask to return
call forrequire
call offcancel
call offcancel
call outcause one to go on strike
call sb inconsult; to ask someone to come to help in a difficult situation
call upconscript (= enlist sb compulsorily into the armed forces)
carry offsucceed in doing sth difficult
carry on(1) continue, (2) behave wildly
carry outfulfil or perform sth
carry overlast from another time
carry throughcomplete sth in spite of difficulties
catch onbecome popular
catch upreach sb who is ahead
charge tobill sb
charge withpublicly accuse sb of committing a wrong deed
cheat out ofprevent sb from having sth usu. in an unfair way
check inregister as a guest at a hotel
check outpay one’s bill and leave a hotel
check up oninvestigate sb’s behaviour etc
chip inadd one’s share of money
clear offind innocent
clear offrun away
clear outget rid of unwanted things
clear up(of the weather) brighten up
come aboutto happen, especially by chance
come acrossfind sth or meet sb by chance
come byobtain sth
come down tobe passed to sb
come forward(1) step forward, (2) to give evidence about a crime
come inbecome fashionable
come intoinherit sth from sb
come on(1) to make progress, or to achieve sth; to improve, (2) to start working by being switched on
come out(1) become known, (2) be published
come out in sthto have or develop an illness or symptom
come over(1) to seem to be a particular type of person, (2) to come to a place
come over sbto influence someone suddenly to behave in a particular way
come round / around tochange one’s opinion to another point of view; be persuaded
come throughsucceed in surviving or dealing with (an illness or ordeal)
come toamount to a total
come to / round / aroundregain consciousness
come upgrow
come up toreach, equal sth
come up withhave an idea about a way to solve a problem
cut backreduce (outgoings)
cut down onreduce (consumption)
cut ininterrupt sth
cut off(1) isolate, (2) disconnect
cut outomit
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CPE Phrasal Verbs: D-G


deal intrade in sth
deal withtackle a problem; cope with
do away withabolish
do downcriticise
do out ofdeprive of
do upfasten (a coat etc)
do withneed / would like
do withoutmanage in spite of lack
draw inshorten (of days)
draw onuse part of a reserve
draw outextend
draw upcome to a stop (of vehicles)
drive atimply / suggest
drop invisit unexpectedly
drop offdecrease
drop out ofwithdraw from


eat intoconsume a part of sth


fall backretreat
fall back onturn to sth/sb for help when all else has failed
fall forfall in love with sb
fall incollapse
fall in withagree to
fall offdecline; become smaller or lower
fall on / upon sbattack fiercely or unexpectedly
fall outquarrel
fall throughfail to take place
feel forsympathise
fit inmix well with others
fit up / outfurnish / equip
fly atattack (with blows or words)
fold upcollapse or fail


get about(1) move about, (2) spread (of news, gossip etc)
get acrossmake understood
get aheadsucceed
get along / onbe on friendly terms with sb
get atmean
get at sbcriticise, tease in an unkind way
get away withescape punishment
get bymanage despite difficulties
get offsend
get off withnearly escape punishment
get onmake progress
get on withcontinue doing sth
get out ofavoid
get overrecover from
get roundpersuade
get round tofind time
get sb downdepress sb
get throughcontact by phone
get up tobe busy with sth surprising or undesirable
give (oneself) upsurrender
give away(1) reveal, (2) give freely as a present
give in(1) deliver, (2) yield
give offsend out / emit
give out(1) come to an end, (2) announce, (3) distribute
give up(1) stop doing sth, (2) admit defeat
go down(of remarks, proposals etc) be received in a specified way
go down withbecome ill
go forbe sold
go in fortake part in
go intodescribe, examine in detail
go offmake a sudden loud noise
go onhappen
go on withcontinue sth esp after a pause
go roundbe enough for everyone to have a share
go through(1) examine sth closely or systematically, (2) consume
go upbe built
go withbe included in the price
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CPE Phrasal Verbs: H-R


hand overgive
head offprevent
hold back(1) prevent development, (2) delay, (3) withhold
hold incontrol (feelings, oneself)
hold off(1) keep at a distance, (2) delay
hold onwait
hold out(1) last, (2) resist
hold out forwait to get sth desired
hold out onkeep a secret from sb
hold overpostpone to a later date
hold up(1) rob (a bank, vehicle), (2) delay
hype upexaggerate the value of sth


join upbecome a member of the military


keep atcontinue working at
keep backhide
keep downrepress
keep in withcontinue to be friendly
keep oncontinue doing sth
keep on atcontinue talking in an irritating way
keep tofollow
keep up (with)(1) continue to do sth, (2) to pretend to do or feel sth, (3) to move at the same speed as sb or sth, (4) to learn new skills or information, (5) to prevent someone from going to bed


land inget into trouble, difficulties
land upto finally arrive at a place or situation after a series of events
lay asideput aside
lay intoattack (with blows or words)
lay offstop doing sth irritating
lay outspend
lead onpersuade sb to believe or do sth by making false promises
let down(1) disappoint, (2) lower sth
let in forinvolve in trouble etc
let in onallow sb to share a plan, secret
let onreveal a secret
let out(1) make (a garment etc) looser or longer ( opp: take in), (2) utter a cry
let sb offnot punish severely
let sb throughallow sb to pass an exam or a test
let upbecome less in degree
let up ontreat sb less severely
live on sb/sthget the money needed from
live throughexperience over time
live up toreach the standard that may be expected
live withtolerate / accept sth and endure it
look aftertake care of
look aheadthink about the future
look atread
look backthink about one’s past
look down ondespise
look forsearch for
look inpay a short visit
look intoinvestigate / examine the facts relating to sth
look onwatch sth without taking part
look ontohave a view
look outwatch out; be careful
look out for(1) search in order to find sth, (2) be alert in order to see / find sb
look overexamine (a place)
look torely on sb
look up(1) search for (a word) in a reference book, (2) visit esp after a long time
look up torespect


make forhead for
make off withsteal sth and hurry away with it
make out(1) complete sth, (2) claim to be, (3) discern, (4) understand
make overtransfer the ownership of sth
make sth intoconvert
make up(1) invent (a story), (2) end a quarrel, (3) compensate for sth, (4) put cosmetics on sb’s face (5) form
make up forcompensate sb for the trouble one has caused them
meet withhave as a reaction
miss outforget to include
move on topass to another subject


narrow downreduce
note downrecord


pass overignore
phase outgradually stop using
piece togetherdiscover gradually
put aboutspread (false) reports
put acrosscommunicate
put aside / bysave for later use
put awayput into confinement
put backdelay
put downwrite in a particular place
put down toattribute to
put forwardsuggest
put in (a request)make an official request
put in for(1) apply for, (2) make an official request
put off(1) discourage, (2) postpone
put on(1) gain weight, (2) pretend to have, (3) advance, (4) clothe oneself with, (5) present
put outextinguish
put sb upgive accommodation to
put sth behind onedeliberately forget
put through(1) carry sth out, (2) cause sb to undergo (an ordeal)
put through to sbconnect by telephone
put up withtolerate


rise uprebel
rule outexclude
run acrossfind by chance
run afterpursue
run awayleave (school
run away with an ideaaccept it without careful thinking even though it is wrong
run behindbe delayed
run down(1) criticise, (2) gradually stop functioning, (3) run sb down (with a vehicle)
run inuse a new vehicle carefully
run into(1) meet by chance, (2) collide with
run offproduce quickly
run out ofexhaust the supply of sth
run through(1) rehearse, (2) use up
run upaccumulate (bills etc)
run up againstencounter difficulties
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CPE Phrasal Verbs: S-T


see aboutmake arrangements for
see offaccompany a traveller to his/her train etc
see outaccompany sb to an exit
see overinspect properly
see through(1) not be deceived, (2) support sb through a difficult time
see totake care of
set aboutbegin
set an animal on sbcause an animal to attack sb
set asidesave for a special purpose
set backhinder
set inbegin (of a period, usu. bad)
set off(1) start a reaction, (2) begin a journey (=set out)
set outbegin a task / job with a specific intention
set sb backcost sb a lot of money
set up(1) establish (a record), (2) start a business, (3) erect
settle downlive a more permanent life-style
settle foraccept sth (less than expected)
settle inbecome used to a new house or job
settle ondecide on
settle uppay (a debt, a bill etc)
stand by(1) remain loyal to sb, (2) do nothing to stop a bad situation, (3) be ready for action
stand downresign from a position
stand for(1) support sth, (2) mean, symbolise, (3) tolerate, (4) enter oneself for election
stand in forreplace temporarily
stand outbe conspicuous / obvious
stand up fordefend; support
stand up todefend oneself against


take abacksurprise
take afterlook like a relative
take againstdislike sb
take awayremove
take backwithdraw a statement or comment
take down(1) write down, (2) remove sth from a high place
take in(1) deceive, (2) allow sb to stay in one’s home, (3) understand, (4) make clothes smaller
take off(1) remove (clothing), (2) leave the ground (of aeroplanes etc), (4) brgin to succeed (of plans, ideas)
take on(1) undertake sth, (2) employ staff, (3) accept sb as an opponent
take out(1) extract, remove, (2) accompany sb to a theatre etc
take overtake control of sth esp in place of sb else
take sb formistake sb/sth for sb/sth else
take to(1) find agreeable; like, (2) begin a habit, (3) escape to, hide in
take up(1) begin a hobby sport etc, (2) occupy space
take up withbecome involved in (usu derog)
talk about(1) gossip about sb, (2) consider
talk atspeak to sb without listening to their replies
talk backreply rudely
talk down tospeak to sb as if they were less clever than oneself
talk intopersuade sb to do sth
talk outsettle a problem by talking
talk out ofpersuade sb not to do sth
talk roundpersuade sb to agree to sth
tell againstspoil chances of success
tell apartdistinguish
tell offscold/reprimand
think oftake sth into account
think outprepare plans carefully
think overreflect upon sth before making a decision
think upinvent or devise sth
turn awayrefuse admittance to sb
turn down(1) reject an offer, (2) reduce heat etc
turn ingo to bed
turn intoconvert, change
turn offswitch off
turn onswitch on
turn out(1) assemble as a crowd, (2) produce, (3) prove to be
turn overfall on one side
turn sb inreport to the authorities
turn sth over (in one’s mind)think carefully about sth
turn togo to sb for help
turn up(1) arrive, (2) increase volume
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CPE 300 Phrasal Verbs: Download PDF

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CPE 300 Phrasal Verbs: Download XLS

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