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Phrasal Verbs Exercises (No.1) | B2 First (FCE)

Level: B2
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Exercise: Phrasal verbs with be, come, get, go or take
Exercise: Phrasal verbs with be
Exercise: Phrasal verbs with come
Exercise: Phrasal verbs with get

Phrasal verbs are not difficult o learn and use, but you cannot always guess the meaning of a phrasal from its verb and particle. In addition, you need to be aware that the same phrasal verb can have more than one meaning. The verb take off, for example, has several different meanings you can take off (remove) your coat, you can take off (imitate) a person, and an aeroplane can take off (leave the ground). These exercises will help you test and increase your knowledge of phrasal verbs.

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Exercise: Phrasal verbs with be, come, get, go or take

‘Do you like my new green-and-purple T-shirt?’
‘Well, it’s very nice, but it doesn’t really go withpink-and-orange trousers.’

I lost the keys to my apartment, so I had to get inthrough a window.

I asked my father where babies come from and he said ‘the Maternity Hospital’.

‘Leave my house at once, and never come back !

As I was walking down the stair*, I met a man who wasn’t there.
He wasn’t there again today: Oh, how I wish he’d go away !

There is a key on computer keyboards labelled ‘Alt Gr’, but nobodv knows what it is for !

They say a plane takes off from O’Hare Airport in Chicago every four seconds. It must be a very busy airport!

I hit a stone while I was cycling, the wheel came off and I went head over heels into the hedge!

I like to sleep late on Sundays because I have to get up so early during the week.

Exercise: Phrasal verbs with be

1.‘Is your boss in?’
‘No, I’m afraid she’s away on leave at the moment.’

2. ‘When will she be back ?’
‘Not until next Wednesday.’

3. ‘What a complicated instrument panel! What’s this red button for ?’
‘It’s the ejector seat. Please don’t pre…’

4. ‘Shall we watch some television?’
‘If you like. What’s on ?’

5. ‘Where are you from ?’

6. ‘What is Birmingham like ?
‘I don’t know. I left there when I was three months old, and I’ve never been back since.’

7. ‘I’m reading a novel called Moby Dick.’
‘What’s it about ?
‘Moby Dick doesn’t sound like a Welsh name to me!’

8. ‘Haven’t you finished yet?’
‘Don’t worry, I’m nearly through

9. ‘Please hurry up!
‘OK, I’ll be with  you in just a second.

10. ‘What’s up ? You look as if you had seen a ghost!’
‘Who said that?’

11. It’s getting late. I’d better be off  before my father sends out a search party.

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Exercise: Phrasal verbs with come

1. A boomerang is a hunting weapon.
It is shaped so that it will come back to the person who throws it.

2. ‘Where do you come from ?’

3. Please come in ! Make yourself at home.

4. F comes before G in the alphabet.

5. Why don’t you come round to our house for dinner on Saturday?

6. The seregant asked for volunteers, but only three came forward .

7. Just look at these old photographs. I came them across when  I was clearing out an old cupboard.

8. ‘What magazine is that?’
‘It’s a literary magazine called The Bookworm.’
‘How often does it come out ?’

9. Oh dear! Pollution, global warming, the hole in the ozone layer:
I don’t know what the world is coming to !

10. Come on ,Philip. Everyone else has finished except you!

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Exercise: Phrasal verbs with get

The river was flooded and Carole and I weren’t sure how we would be able to get into.across
‘Let’s take that boat we saw upstream,’ I suggested.
‘No way!’ Carole replied. ‘That’s stealing, and anyvvay, we’d never get behind with it!’
We decided to make a raft out of some logs. Carole tore her shirt into strips to tie them together, and then the two of. us got round to the raft.on
Just at that moment, a huge log came floating downstream and Carole shouted to me to get to.back
We managed to leap back onto the bank just as the log hit our raft and smashed it to pieces.
‘We’ll never get down the other side now!’ I said in despair.
‘Don’t worry every problem has a solution. We’ll think of something. We’Il get across it somehow,’ Carole said cheerfully. She went to the water’s edge and stepped in. It wasn’t very deep but the current was really swift.round
Come on, silly!’ she said, ‘I got you on this mess and I’ll get you out of it!’into
She turned and smiled at me. ‘Get over me and hold me round the waist,’
she said, ‘until I can find out how deep it is.’
With the water up to her knees, she signalled to me to climb on her shoulders. She went slowly, pausing with each step to make sure she had a firm foothold. Suddenly, I felt her slip. I screamed, but fortunately, she regained her balance. When we were in shallow water, she told me it was safe for me to get away.down
I think we both realised how close we had come to drowning in the swirling waters, and it took us a long time to get back the experience.over


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