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50 Word Formation Ex. & Test | B2 First (FCE)

Level: B2
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50 Word Formation Exercises: FCE
B2 First (FCE) Use of English: Part 3
B2 First (FCE) Use of English: Part 3 Example Test

B2 First (FCE) Use of English: Part 3 question type is called word-formation.

For each gap you get one word in capitals which you have to change so the grammar and meaning fit in the sentence. Here you have to show how well you know word families and if you can change words by using prefixes and suffixes

50 Word Formation Exercises: FCE

scientists are warning about the effects global warming will have on us. (SCIENCE)

Matt quickly came to the conclusion that Jane was not telling the truth.(CONCLUDE)

The arrival of our flight was delayed due to fog. (ARRIVE)

Both teams gave a wonderful performance in the match. (PERFORM)

Easter Island is famous for its astonishing statues. (ASTONISH)

The woman was hit so hard that she lost consciousness . (CONSCIOUS)

For their own safety the visitors of zoos are kept at a distance. (SAFE)

You should take the antibiotics for a whole week so that it is effective . (EFFECT)

Jane has been suffering from headaches lately . (LATE)

Most people believe that it is improbable that UFOS exist. (PROBABLE)

Chris accepted the doctor’s news although it was very painful to hear. (PAIN)

The first settlers came from distant islands of the Pacific. (DISTANCE)

This area is very dry, and farming is very difficult. (FARM)

Divers went down to a depth of over 50 metres. (DEEP)

The book contains a collection of anecdotes from the past decades. (COLLECT)

Jack, who was an excellent shooter, repeatedly missed his target. (REPEAT)

My teacher has been putting together interesting articles for the yearbook.(INTEREST)

innovative farmers in Japan have figured out a way to produce square-shaped watermelons. (INNOVATE)

We had difficulty in deciding who would be the best for the job. (DIFFICULT)

Even wealthy people can’t buy everything. (WEALTH)

You should always take special care with your appearance when you go for an interview (APPEAR).

The children’s behaviour at the party was dreadful (BEHAVE).

There’s a great shortage of houses in most major cities. (SHORT)

It is my belief that we will fly to Mars some day. (BELIEVE)

There is no comparison between his latest and his earlier books (COMPARE).

Is there any truth in the rumour that the Prime Minister is planning to resign? (TRUE)

We nearly died of boredom when we went to see the new opera. It was so dreadful (BORING)

Einstein sometimes came to the conclusion that he was wrong about a few things. (CONCLUDE)

She was extremely intelligent and passed all her exams with ease . (EASY)

They say that competition between companies helps to keep prices down. (COMPETE)

The exhibition is currently on display at the new gallery. (EXHIBIT)

Unfortunately, travelling by plane also has some disadvantages . (ADVANTAGE)

There are several run-down districts in the city where housing is in a bad state (HOUSE).

In response to many complaints by residents, we decided to make the area a no-parking zone. (RESPOND)

He works for a company that imports diving equipment . (EQUIP)

He wrote an autobiography , in which he describes how he had gone through his troubling days as an adolescent. (BIOGRAPHY)

A limited edition of the author’s works will be published next year. (EDIT)

The percentage that banks charge for borrowing money has gone up. (PERCENT)

Many men believe that bringing up children is the responsibility of women. (RESPONSIBLE)

The judge sentenced the boy to two weeks of community service(SERVE).

Up to now the government’s conservation programme has been very successful. (CONSERVE)

I am really grateful for your help. Maybe I can help you too sometime. (GREAT)

He turned out to be a big liar . I’ll never believe him again. (LIE)

A comparison of men’s salaries with those of women shows that females still get unequal pay. (COMPARE, EQUAL)

An automatic driving assistant can be useful in certain situations. (USE)

The departure halls of major airports are always full during the holiday season. (DEPART)

I had an appointment at the dentist’ so I had to call off everything else. (APPOINT)

He has physical abilities you can’t even dream of. (ABLE)

The coach made the decision to discipline three players of his team. (DECIDE)

I had no idea that the jewellery was so valuable . (VALUE)

politicians hardly ever tell the truth . (POLTICS, TRUE)

The children had a lively imagination . Look at what they drew! (LIVE, IMAGINE)

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B2 First (FCE) Use of English: Part 3


  1. Read the text for general understanding.
  2. Decide what type of word you need for each gap (e.g. noun, adjective, etc.).
  3. Look at the whole sentence, not just al the line containing the gap.
  4. You may need to add a prefix or suffix to some words.
  5. Read through the text and check that your words make sense.
  6. Check your spelling.


B2 First (FCE) Use of English: Part 3 Example Test


A history of human habitation HABITAT which stretches over seven millennia and a vital location at the heart of the Mediterranean have brought both wealth and conflict to Malta. This history is witnessed by great buildings constructed in the beautiful BEAUTY golden limestone that gives the island its name – Melita, the island of honey. mysterious MYSTERY  megalithic temples date back to 4000BC and reveal the technical TECHNIQUE capabilities of these earliest inhabitants. Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans left their traces, to be followed by Arabs and Normans.

The Knights of the order of St John made the island their headquarters from the 16th century and built great fortifications FORTIFY , palaces, public buildings and St John’s Cathedral with its eight ornate chapels dedicated to each of the langue or nations of the Order. Ottoman expansion  EXPANSE  in the Mediterranean was halted by the Knights’ successful defense DEFEND of the islands. This was echoed four centuries later by heroic resisitance RESIST under British rule during World War II, a feat which earned the island the George Cross – the only time an entire country has been given such an honour.

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