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50 Word Formation Ex. & Test | C1 Advanced (CAE)

Level: C1
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50 Word Formation Exercises: CAE
C1 Advanced (CAE) Use of English: Part 3
C1 Advanced (CAE) Use of English: Part 3 Example Test

C1 Advanced (CAE) Use of English: Part 3 question type here is called word-formation.

For each gap you get one word in capitals which you have to change so the grammar and meaning fit in the sentence. Here you have to show how well you know word families and if you can change words by using prefixes and suffixes

50 Word Formation Exercises: CAE

They had to obey the decisions taken by the leadership of the party. LEAD

The news transmission has just finished and there was no mention of it. TRANSMIT

A guardian angel is believed to be a good spirit that protects each of us. GUARD

They tested the transparency of water in the village wells. TRANSPARENT

They have announced the nominees for the Oscars. NOMINATE

Psychologists show more insight into human character and behaviour. SIGHT

She spoke with disapproval of his impudent behaviour. DISAPPROVE

Unfortunately, slavery still exists in some parts of the world. SLAVE 

The thieves have stolen all my jewellery . JEWEL

The Princess looked stunningly beautiful at the wedding. STUN

During the war, a lot of refugees fled to America. REFUGE 

This woman has had two pregnancies in three years. PREGNANT

Some refreshments will be served at the end of this meeting. REFRESH

She will decorate her house regardless of the cost. REGARD

I counted on your discretion and you let me down. DISCREET

When I asked for his permission, I was met with a refusal . REFUSE

The principal took disciplinary measures against the culprits. DISCIPLINE

He was such a joker that I couldn’t tell when he was being serious. JOKE

I looked at them in speechless amazement. SPEECH

The general checked the readiness of the troops for battle. READY

After the death of his uncle, he became the lawful owner of the castle. LAW

Fishing is one of my favourite relaxations . RELAX

I dare say this is a subjective view of the problem. SUBJECT

Due to massive deforestation there is frequent landslide in this area. FOREST

The baby had watery eyes when he had measles. WATER

They will bury her remains the day after tomorrow. REMAIN

I need four widths of cloth for my kitchen curtains. WIDE

The professor’s elaborate lecture was incomprehensible to most of us. COMPREHEND

When she saw the results of the exam, her disappointment was obvious. DISAPPOINT

London Promenade Orchestra is one of the most prestigious in the world. PRESTIGE

The transcription of this document will take me about twenty minutes. TRANSCRIBE

In this profession men outnumber women by two to one. NUMBER

Alice looks fantastic in her new dress. FANTASY

This time he had an unpredictable reaction. PREDICT

Suddenly we saw a ghostly figure in the darkened room. GHOST

She made several references to your remarks. REFER

We need extra storage place either in the loft or in the cellar. STORE 

What is the most significant event in your life? SIGNIFY

His avoidance of talking to me that evening surprised me. AVOID 

That business transaction took us several days. TRANSACT 

She has had several recurrences of her illness lately. RECUR 

 Your signature on this document means that you agreed to it. SIGN 

The doctor wanted to know if my knee was still painful . PAIN

She has had this scar on her forehead since babyhood. BABY

I had my eyes tested last week, at my wife’s insistence. INSIST

Oxygen is a gaseous element of paramount importance for life. GAS

Wild animals live in captivity and sometimes in neglect in a zoo. CAPTIVE

What is your opinion about the recuperative powers of certain substances ? RECUPERATE

The woman’s voice was unmistakably Margaret’s. MISTAKE

As a result of shrinkage this shirt is now too small to wear. SHRINK

If we allow this man to go unpunished, it will seta precedent . PRECEDE

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C1 Advanced (CAE) Use of English: Part 3


  1. Read the text for general understanding.
  2. Decide what type of word you need for each gap (e.g. noun, adjective, etc.).
  3. Look at the whole sentence, not just al the line containing the gap.
  4. You may need to add a prefix or suffix to some words.
  5. Read through the text and check that your words make sense.
  6. Check your spelling.


C1 Advanced (CAE) Use of English: Part 3 Example Test

The story of muscle cars

Muscle cars were never intended to be valuable. In fact, the whole idea behind muscle cars was to make them inexpensiveEXPENSIVE and fast. Muscle cars were stripped-down versions of the most utilitarianUTILITY homely, and basic mass-produced cars to ever roll out of Detroit. These rattle trap, bare-bones, crude devices were built to conform to a price point with little regard given to sophistication or longevityLONG, and aimed squarely at the youthYOUNG market. And this market couldn’t get enough of them. These were the cars every red-blooded American kid wanted. The image, the speed, the lifestyle were all highly addictive.

Looking back, the muscle car years were relativelyRELATIVE brief moment in time that we will never see the likes of again. It was a perfect storm, just what the market wanted, and was presented at the right place at the right time. So how did these seemingly disposableDISPOSE cars, built-in large numbers and owned by kids who literallyLITERAL tried to kill them from the first twist of the key, become so valuable? More importantly, why did they become so valuable? Most people are astounded when they hear the recent sales results of the most desirableDESIRE muscle cars. We call them two-comma cars, cars that are worth so much money that you need two commas to separate all the zeroes in the price.

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