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Practice Tests: Multiple Choice Cloze | B2 First (FCE)

Level: B2
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B2 First (FCE) Multiple Choice Cloze: Tests
B2 First (FCE) Multiple Choice Cloze: Tips & Strategy

Part 1 of the B2 Frist (FCE) Paper is called ‘Multiple Choice Cloze‘. You read a text with eight gaps and choose the best word from four options to fit each gap.

In this part of the test you have to read a passage which is followed by seven or eight questions. For each of the questions there are four suggested answers (A, B, C, D). Only one of these answers is correct; you must choose the answer which is correct and mark the appropriate letter on your answer sheet.

When solving this problem, it was necessary to start through the entire text to find out what it was about. It is always worth paying attention to what words are in front of and after each gap, as they can be part of collocation. Because Multiple-choice cloze mainly checks knowledge of the vocabulary: collocations, verbs phrases, the use of words in a specific context and entire grammatical structures can be expected hints in the form of a part of a phrase, adverb or preposition that accompanies the verb and thus determines the answer.

It should also remember to read all the possibilities of the answer.

B2 First (FCE) Multiple Choice Cloze: Tests

Is parrot really a pet?

All parrots have one thing in common. They are wild creatures. Unlike domesticated dogs and cats that have been bred in captivity for  thousands of years, and are genetically programmed to accept us and to live with us  on our terms, most parrots have been breeding readily in captivity for only the last 15 years. In all  probability, the parents or grandparents of the hand-fed baby parrot that you purchase today from a breeder or pet-store were wild-caught, imported birds.

A baby parrot born in captivity may be tame, but it is still far better equipped psychically and emotionally to  deal  with life in the wild than with life as someone’s pet. A parrot may live 30 to 60 years or more, so it is a  lifetime  job teaching it to successfully and happily coexist with people. Someone unprepared for this kind of commitment would be better  off  with a more complaint companion  animal.

The city of canals

Venice, the world’s only pedestrian city, is easily walkable, and the absence of cars makes this a particularly pleasant experience. However, walking and standing  all  day can also be exhausting, so it is best to  pace  yourself. The Rialtine islands – the ‘main’ part of Venice – are small enough to walk from one end to the  other  in about an hour, provided you don’t get lost (a common occurrence). If you want to get around a bit more quickly, there are numerous vaporetti (water buses) and water taxis. The vaporetti are generally the best way to get around,  even  if the service route map changes frequently.

If you are going to be in Venice for a few days visiting, it is a lot cheaper to use vaporetti than private water taxis. If you want to have a romantic ride along the canals,  go  for a gondola ride, although they  tend  to exist for more scenic purposes, rather  than  getting people from point A to point B.

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B2 First (FCE) Multiple Choice Cloze: Tips & Strategy


  1. Read the title and the whole text quickly to understand its general meaning before you attempt the task.
  2. Check the words before and after the gap.
  3. Choose the best option.
  4. When you have finished, read the text again with the words inserted to check that it makes sense.


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