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Practice Tests: Open Cloze | B2 First (FCE)

Level: B2
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B2 First (FCE) Open Cloze: Tests
B2 First (FCE) Open Cloze: Tips  & Strategy

Part 2 of the B2 Frist (FCE) Paper is called ‘Open Cloze‘. This part consists of a short text with eight gaps. Unlike Part 1, there are no choices for what word you need. You must use your knowledge to fill the gap with the correct word.

B2 First (FCE) Open Cloze: Tests

The Mini-Monet

Kieron Williamson is a very successful landscape painter. His paintings, which mostly depict the peaceful countryside around his home village in eastern England, sell very well. Perhaps this shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise. It’s a beautiful part of the world, and landscape paintings are always popular.

The strange thing about Kieron, however, is that he is only seven years old. At a recent exhibition of his work, all the paintings were sold in half an hour, some for £100,000 each. Kieron now has fans all over the world and has gained the nickname ‘the ‘Mini-Monet’.

What’s even more surprising is that Kieron doesn’t come from an artistic family, and only started painting two years ago. He first got inspiration from some boats he saw on holiday at the seaside. Kieron asked his parents if they could buy him a sketch pad and pencils so that he could draw them. Only when they saw how well he drew did they realise that he was talented.


Many people will look back on tree-climbing as a simple childhood pleasure and a natural test of human strength, stamina and agility. But these days, it has turned into a more serious activity and is one of the fastest-growing adventure sports in the country.

before the invention of expensive gyms with indoor climbing walls, tree-climbing was a cheap and simple way to get a similar type of exercise. These days, if you want to take part in an organised tree-climbing activity, you have|need to wear a helmet and attach yourself to ropes in case you should lose your footing. But otherwise, tree-climbing is a very eco-friendly sport, involving minimum damage to trees or the environment.

Getting off the ground is perhaps the most challenging part of a climb. after that, it’s about using your legs, which are much stronger than your arms, to drive yourself up the tree. Reaching the top and then abseiling down again is a source of great satisfaction.

Good at languages

At school, Sarah Biggs says she was very bad at languages. Now she speaks English, Spanish and Italian and works as a bilingual secretary in a travel company in England. using|speaking several foreign languages at work is not easy, but for Sarah, and other multi-lingual secretaries like her, it is all standard practice. Sarah comes from Spain, where she attended school and college. But it was time spent abroad after college which encouraged her interest in languages.

In her job, Sarah has a great deal more responsibility than the title of secretary would suggest. She stresses the importance of being fluent in Spanish because part of her job is dealing with customers from Latin America. when such clients come from abroad, she has to translate everything they say into English. She is given no time for preparation at all, so this aspect of her job is one of the most difficult.

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B2 First (FCE) Open Cloze: Tips  & Strategy


  1. Read the text for general understanding.
  2. Read the text before and after each gap before answering.
  3. Decide which type of word each gap needs, e.g. preposition, relative, conjunction, verb, adverb, etc.
  4. The word must make sense in the context of the text as a whole.
  5. Look out for fixed expressions, dependent prepositions after certain verbs and linking words and phrases.
  6. Read through the text again and check that your answers make sense.


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