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Practice Tests: Open Cloze | C1 Advanced (CAE)

Level: C1
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C1 Advanced (CAE) Open Cloze: Tests
C1 Advanced (CAE) Open Cloze: Tips & Strategy

Part 2 of the C1 Advanced (CAE) Paper is called ‘Open Cloze‘. This part consists of a short text with eight gaps. Unlike Part 1, there are no choices for what word you need. You must use your knowledge to fill the gap with the correct word.

Essential Tips:

  • Read the text, ignoring the gaps, to get a general understanding.
  • Think about the missing words. Each gap only needs one word, usually a grammatical word, e.g. pronoun, linker or preposition, rather than topic vocabulary,
  • Carefully read the text around each gap and think about what type of word is missing, e.g. dependent preposition or part of a fixed expression.
  • When you have finished, read your completed text again and check that it makes sense.

C1 Advanced (CAE) Open Cloze: Tests

The role of antibiotics in our life

Although there are many strains of antibiotic bacteria now present in hospital wards, antibiotics have effectively served their original purpose over the course of the past eighty years. They have been able to treat the infections of countless individuals and saved millions of lives.

Antibiotics have changed the way in which many common diseases are viewed. being infected with bacterial pneumonia, for instance, is no longer considered fatal. Rather, it is viewed as a mundane infection which can be cured with a simple course of antibiotics. The number of antibiotics available for use has also affected their impact on|upon society. Even if one antibiotic is ineffective at treating a disease, there are, for most common infections, a host of other drugs that can be used to effectively cure the disease.

The development of antibiotics over the past eighty years has changed the relationship between humans and disease. Antibiotics have given humans the power to fight back effectively against microorganisms in a way that would have been considered impossible just a century ago.

Football in the United Kingdom

Both the varieties of football that originally hailed from Britain, the Rugby and Association games, have probably never been as popular as they are now. The association game, or soccer as it has become generally known, is now almost globally popular and judging by the last few World Cups, before long a team from Asia, Africa or North America will go on to win the trophy. Rugby’s progress has been less dramatic but the game is becoming increasingly international and is surely destined to continue to expand.

Of course, periodically it is likely that both varieties of football will be afflicted by|with problems stemming from a downturn in the world economy and difficulties generated by financial mismanagement. Collectively, however, their future appears bright. Peculiarly enough, despite this very little is known about the origins of modern football and many questions relating to its growth and development remain unanswered. Football is a very old game, especially in Britain.

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C1 Advanced (CAE) Open Cloze: Tips & Strategy


  • Read the title and the whole text so that you understand what it is about.
  • Read the whole sentence in which the gap occurs, to look for clues as to what kind of word you need.
  • Check the words before and after each gap and look for grammatical collocations.
  • Remember you must write only one word.
  • You are never required to write a contraction. If you think the answer is a contraction, it must be wrong, so think again.
  • Read the whole text through once you have completed it to make sure you have not missed any connectors, plurals or negatives.


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