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Prepositional phrases – usage & examples

Level: C1


at a glance  I could see at a glance that something was wrong. 
at hand  We have no solutions at hand. 
at last  You’re here at last! 
at least  The disease killed at least two million people.
at once  They started singing at once.
at random The candidates are selected at random.
at risk The whole area is at risk of flooding.
at times  The children are at times aggressive and cruel.
at all times  You should keep an eye on your children at all times.
at any time  We can meet at any time you like.
at worst  At worst, you’ll go to prison.


in advance Let me know in advance.
in all  There were sixty of them in all.
in charge  Who’s in charge here? I’m the boss.
in common  Have we got anything in common?
in a hurry  She was in such a hurry that she forgot to take her passport.
in the long run  The machine will save energy in the long run.
 in trouble Have you ever helped anyone in trouble?
in vain  I tried to get in touch with him but in vain.


on average  How much do teachers earn in your country on average?
on board  We met on board an ocean liner.
on business She’s gone to Barcelona on business.
on good terms We’re on good terms in spite of the divorce. 
on offer  We have lots of goods on offer at present
on purpose Mum, she did it on purpose! 
 on second thoughts On second thoughts, I’d like to come.


by accident We met by accident.
by heart  We had to learn the poem by heart.
by no means  This is not, by no means, the end of the matter.
for a change  We went to the seaside – just for a change.
for real  Our friendship is not virtual – it’s for real.
out of breath I was out of breath after running from the city centre to the station.
out of order  The lift was out of order, so we had to use the stairs. 
out of tune She was singing out of tune.




Level: C1
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