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Use of prepositions after verbs, adjectives & nouns – part 2

Level: B2
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More of verbs requiring using concrete structures:

accuse sb OFMy boss accused me of laziness.
beg FORHe begged for forgiveness, but she was unrelenting.
blame sb FORI don’t blame you for what happened.
compare sth WITHDon’t compare me with Peter. He’s a genius!
concentrate ONStop singing! I’m trying to concentrate on my I homework! 
congratulate sb ONI congratulated him on passing all his exams.
insist ONShe always insists on doing it herself. 
prepare FORAre you prepared for the worst?
rely ONI can always rely on my husband. 
 search FORShe searched for the missing passport everywhere.
succeed INHe succeeded in making everyone unhappy.
suffer FROMThe prisoners were suffering from malnutrition.
suspect sb OFI suspected him of stealing my phone. 


Other adjectives and prepositions used after:

ashamed OFIt’s nothing to be ashamed of.
aware OFHe wasn’t aware of the problem.
capable OFShe’s capable of anything. 
delighted WITHThe little girl was delighted with her present. 
fed up WITHI’m fed up with your apologies!
fond OFMy brother is very fond of my children. 
frightened OFI was frightened of the dark as a child.
keen ONMy parents are very keen on golf. 
nervous ABOUTShe was nervous about sitting behind the wheel after the accident.
ready FORAre you ready for the trip? 
suspicious OFShe became very suspicious of men.
tolerant OFAre Europeans tolerant of ethnic minorities?
typical OF It’s so typical of my sister to spend money and then come to me for a loan. 


Some of the nouns requiring using concrete prepositions as well:

cause OFWhat was the cause of the explosion? 
demand FORIs there a demand for photographers in the region? 
increase INHas there been an increase in volcanic activity in the past years?
invitation TOThanks for the invitation to your birthday party.
key TOHard work is the key to success.
reason FORWhat are your reasons for buying this model?
solution TOThere’s no solution to this problem.


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