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The Pros and Cons of Using for Students

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Paraphrasing tools come in handy for students these days. The students are required to write plagiarism free assignments, essays, reports, and research papers which take a lot of their time. Paraphrasing tools reword or rephrase texts for students and help them write their assignments and papers quickly. is a revolutionary AI tool in the wide variety of paraphrasing tools and today we are going to review this tool to identify its modes, features, usage and pros and cons for the students.

So, let’s begin our discussion!

What is is a rephraser that is developed using AI technology, it has the ability to convert any text into completely new text in a matter of few seconds. It helps paraphrasing scrappy texts, avoid grammatical and structural mistakes and remove plagiarism from the text. The paraphrased text is original and completely new but conveys the same idea. This means that it changes the text’s style but still conveys the same meaning. Thus this tool is very beneficial for students in doing assignments or homework.

What are the Modes of doesn’t simply paraphrase a text, it provides various modes to choose from. Each mode targets a different set of instructions while paraphrasing the text. Let’s discuss each mode in detail:

1.  Free Writer:

The free writer allows the user to paraphrase a text up to 20,000 characters. The new text will be generated in a few seconds. It only changes the text but not the meaning. This mode is free of cost.

2.  Text Improver:

The text improver improves the original text in the paraphrased version. It removes the grammatical, spelling and structural mistakes and simplifies the style to generate new text. This mode is also free of cost.

3.  Near Human:

Machine writing is different from human writing which can easily be identified by a human reader or professor. The near human option allows the user to write text that uses natural human languages and gives the human feel. This option is also free.

4.  Plagiarism Remover:

The plagiarism remover option identifies the plagiarism and removes it by paraphrasing the text. The paraphrased text allows the transfer of meaning but the words are completely new ensuring originality and uniqueness. This is a premium option.

5.  Creative:

The creative mode allows the users to add creativity to the paraphrased text. The use of varied words, fresh ideas and unique writing style enhances creativity of the writing. This mode is also premium.

6.  Academic:

Academic option is specially designed for students to help them in their academic writing. The text paraphrased using this option is clear, concise and well-researched with formal academic language. This is a premium option.

7.  Quill Text:

The quill text makes your paraphrased text flow better. It adds coherence, clarity and concision in a text making it effective and engaging. This is a free tool.

8.  Sentence Rephraser:

This mode paraphrased each and every sentence of the original text in such a way that there is no similarity between original and paraphrase text. This is a very beneficial mode for writers, bloggers and students. This is also a premium option.

What are the features of

Aside from a wide variety of modes, there are some highlighting features of the that distinguishes it from other paraphrasing tools. The notable features are mentioned below fce:

1.  Alternative Sentences:

The original text is paraphrased in such a way that five alternative paraphrases are provided. For instance, if you are paraphrasing a line, you will get five alternating phrases for that one line. The user can choose any paraphrase they find best according to the context of text.

2.  Tone Adaption:

The is an artificially intelligent tool that adapts to various tones while paraphrasing. The user can select the tone before paraphrasing. Four available tones are; casual, formal, professional and friendly.

3.  Build-in Thesaurus:

The tool has a built-in thesaurus that allows the user to choose alternative words in a paraphrase. When you click a word in paraphrased text, the synonyms will appear and you can choose any one which you find best.

4.  Learning:

The tool enhances users’ learning by providing definitions of unfamiliar words in the paraphrased text.

5.  Web Browsing:

The tool allows you to search the web to conduct research without leaving the tool. You can extract data directly from the web link without copy pasting.

6.  Image Input:

The processes the image with text in it and writes the text on its own for paraphrase.

7.  Voice Input:

The user can read the text he/she wants to paraphrase and the tool will convert it into text before paraphrasing.

8.  Audio Input:

You can even upload an audio file; the AI tool will extract the text from it before paraphrasing.

9.  Document Input:

The allows the user to paraphrase the document as well. Just upload the document and click paraphrase and let the tool work its magic.

After knowing these amazing modes and features, I’m sure you want to give it a try. But first, let’s discuss its pros and cons.

Pros and Cons:

Following are the pros on for students:

  •         It helps students in writing plagiarism free and original assignments and papers.
  •         It eliminates spelling and grammatical mistakes.
  •         It improves the structure of the writing.
  •         It adapts to a specific tone of writing. Students can use formal tone in their paraphrase.
  •         It helps students learn unfamiliar terms and words.
  •         It adds creativity and fresh ideas to writing.
  •         It improves symmetry of a text making it clear and concise.
  •         It helps students paraphrase various sources efficiently and accurately.
  •         It ensures good grades.
  •         It saves time and energy.

The cons of paraphrasing tool for students are given below:

  •         It makes students lazy and dependent.
  •         Students’ learning will be affected because they don’t read and understand the text before paraphrasing.

The advantages of this tool outruns the disadvantages, a student can be successful if he/she properly reads the text before paraphrasing. Because the aim of studying is to attain knowledge not only to attain good grades. If you are a student and want to use this tool to assist you in writing, then it is 100% recommended but use it wisely and make sure to read your course contents properly to grasp the idea. 

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