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10 righe di oggetto e-mail di esempio | B1 Preliminary (PET)

Level: B1
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B1 Preliminary (PET) Email: Esempi di argomenti
B1 Preliminary (PET) Email: Download (PDF)


Nella parte 1 della scrittura B1 Preliminary(PET), ti verrà chiesto di scrivere un’e-mail di circa 100 parole.

Di seguito è riportato un elenco di oggetti e-mail di esempio per studenti B1 (Preliminary). Compiti simili possono apparire nell’esame. Puoi usarli per esercitarti a scrivere saggi in inglese o come preparazione per l’esame Cambridge B1 Preliminary (PET).

B1 Preliminary (PET) Email: Esempi di argomenti

From: Nina
Subject: Olivia’s party

Hello Jane,

I’m writing because, as you know, Olivia is leaving our school and moving to Canada. I thought we could organize a surprise party for her. Do you think it’s a good idea? (Great Idea!)

If so, can you think of a good place to have the party? (Suggest …)

Would it be best to have it on a weekday or at the weekend? (Answer…Why?)

Also, I’m thinking of hiring a DJ for the party. Do you know what sort of music Olivia likes best? (Answer)

Email me soon!

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From: Ben
Subject: Your visit!

Hi John,

Can’t wait to see you next week. Can you confirm you are arriving at 1pm? (Right!) Please tell me what things you would like to do when you come. What places
would you like to visit? (Tell Ben) Also, Mum wants to know what food you’d like to eat. ( Explain) Finally, what would you like us to do in the evening?( Suggest…)
I’m sure we’ll have a great time.

See you soon,

Scrivi una e-mail a John usando tutti i tuoi appunti.

From: Ben
Subject: Summer time.

Hi Mike,

I’m so excited that schools are going to close for the summer holidays.I’d like to invite you to go camping with my family. (Thanks…)
When would it be a good time to go? (Suggest…) It’ll be great fun. We could go swimming every day and have campfires at night. We can cook, too. Do you know how to cook? ( Tell Ben)
If not, don’t worry, because my father is a very good cook.Let me know if you have any questions. (Ask Ben)

See you soon,

Scrivi una e-mail a Ben usando tutti i tuoi appunti.

From: Kate
Subject: School

Hi Tina,

I know you moved to a new school this year. How is your new school? (Explain)
Have you made any friends? (friend called Jane)
It must be difficult at first. Everything is new. You don’t know anyone. What are the teachers like? Are they friendly or strict? (Describe…)
You are such a good student that you always have a good relationship with them. Is your new school close to your house? (Tell Kate)

Tell me your news 🙂


Scrivi una e-mail a Kate usando tutti i tuoi appunti.

From: Tim
Subject: Visit


I’m so glad to see you next weekend. (Me too!)

I was wondering what we will doing when I arrive… Have you planned any activity for us? (Tell)

I’m thinking about what will be useful for my visit. Will we do anything outdoors, like fishing? I really like fishing.  If so, I will bring my fishing rod and raincoat. (No, because…)

Also, I want to buy a gift for your parents to thank them for letting me stay. What do you think they would like? (Suggest)

See you soon!

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From: Mrs Snow
Subject: Party

Dear Class,

I’d like our class to have a party to celebrate the end of the school year. (Great!)

We could either have a party in the classroom or we could go to the park. Which would you prefer to do? (Explain…)

What sort of activities or games should we do during the party? (Suggest … )

What food do you think we should have at the party? (Answer ….)

Reply soon!
Tina Snow

Scrivi una e-mail alla signora Snow usando tutti i tuoi appunti.

From: Ted
Subject: Birthday Plans

Hi Jack,

My parents gave me some money to buy presnt for my birthday! (Fantastic)

I’ve got a lot of toys, so I’d like to buy something different for a change.
What do you think I should get?  (Suggest…)

I would like to have a great time on my birthday but unfortunately I can’t organize a party.

How about going to the cinema? We could watch some funny comedy and eat popcorn. (Great!)
What kind of movies do you like? (Answer…)

Bye for now,

Scrivi una e-mail a Jack usando tutti i tuoi appunti.

From: Pamela
Subject: Holiday

Hi Susan,

I know you were in Spain last week. It’s a wonderful country, isn’t it? (Tell..)
How was your holiday there? I heard that the weather was great.

Tell me about your hotel? What was it like? (Describe…)
I hope you had air conditioning 🙂

What did you do every day? I’m sure you’ve been sunbathing a lot… (Tell…)

Did you meet any interesting people or were you with your family all the time? (Yes)

I’m looking forward to your reply,

Scrivi una e-mail a Susan usando tutti i tuoi appunti.

From: Nicola
Subject: New flat

Hi Brenda,

I’m so glad that you moved house. I know your previous one was very small and there hasn’t been enough space for you since your daughter was born.

How is your new flat? How many bedrooms do you have? (Tell)

Do you like the neighbourhood? Nice if there were some playgrounds nearby for your daughter..  (Describe)

Have you bought new furniture or do you have old ones? (Explain)

I’d like to come and see your new house as soon as possible. (Invite)

See you soon,

Scrivi una e-mail a Brenda usando tutti i tuoi appunti.

From: Helen
Subject: Birthday invitation

Hello Nicola,

I’m very excited because its my birthday on 10th July and I’m having a party at home!!!
You are my best friend. Would you like to come? (Answer)

I know that you have to do a lot every day but please come! I really want you to be here!
We’ll have great fun.

I’ll try to bake a cake myself. Do you prefer chocolate or strawberry cake?  (Both)

Bring someone with you if you like. Your sister or your boyfriend. (Tell)
Let me know if you have any questions. (Ask)


Scrivi una e-mail a Nicola usando tutti i tuoi appunti.

B1 Preliminary (PET) Email: Download (PDF)

Download B1 Preliminary (PET) Email: Temi (PDF)


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