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100+ practice online tests.

We provide you with a huge set of practical online tests, accurately representing the Cambridge tests structures.

We allow you to do the exercises from the individual parts of the exam: Listening, Reading, Use of English, as well as Writing and Speaking.

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Save your money and time

Prepare yourself online! Gain the freedom necessary to study and save money. With engxam you learn whenever you want to. No teacher, no stress.

You choose the day and time. You don’t have to schedule a day of the week in advance – you can study any time you wish.

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Girl looking for someone who can check her writing

Get your English essay checked.

We provide you with all the formats & sample topics that may appear on the Cambridge exam. Your text may be checked by our prescreened native English speakers, professional editors and proofreaders.

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Improve your grammar and vocabulary.

Engxam is something more than a textbook!
In our Handbook, you may find a detailed discussion of the structure and use of individual topics together with level details.

You will find a simple theory, supplemented by numerous examples and exercises.

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Follow your learning progress online.

We support anyone who thinks that traditional exam preparation books are not enough. If you are looking for modern and interactive learning tools, it is essential to give our online platform a try.

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A single place for preparation and learning — save time and certify in record time.

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